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We only get one shot at this vote

On Tuesday October 2, 2012 City Council members will cast their vote to pass a resolution to AGANIST Citizens United. Greensboro will be the 11th city in North Carolina to do so. Please join us at City Hall and fill its chamber and halls with people who understand how toxic this decision is. We must all stand together on this issue please! The resolution will be item #30 on the agenda and will be heard sometime after the 7:30 break. If you wish to speak during the public speaking portion of the meeting you mush sign in before 5:30. Buttons AGAINST Citizens United will be passed out so we can be clearly picked out by Council. Thanks for your help!!

Three Things YOU Can Do to help enact Greensboro's Resolution Against Corporate Personhood


1. Attend the Oct 2nd Council Meeting!!!
It’s VITAL that we pack the Council chambers the night of the vote on the resolution -that means getting 100+ people to attend the meeting. Before the vote is taken, people will be offered a chance to speak. You do not have to speak, but speakers on behalf of the resolution will ask folks in favor to stand, to sign and support. Your presence matters!!!
Greensboro City Council meetings are held at the Council Chamber on the second floor of Melvin Municipal Office Building, 300 W. Washington St. Free parking is available in the Greene Street Parking Deck after 5pm. The meeting starts at 5:30 pm, and is likely to go on for quite a while. The resolution will not be the first item on the agenda, so it’s okay to come after the meeting has started. Be prepared to hang out for a while, because there’s no telling how fast they’ll run through the agenda. Bring a book, or just
listen in-it’s all interesting!

4. Bring 2 friends to the Oct 2nd City Council Meeting! (Or at least get them to to email or phone ahead of time!)
This movement will be successful if we can show that large numbers of Greensboro residents are opposed to the Citizens United ruling and want to see an end to corporate personhood. Some Council members think this issue is not important, just a “distraction.” That’s why it’s key that EVERY council member hear from and see hundreds of people in support of the resolution.
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3. By 10/02, phone your District Rep- leave a message of support for the Resolution.
A phone call or even a phone message makes a HUGE impact! Just state your name and address, and that you hope the Council member will support the resolution to end corporate personhood! You can call any and all council members and the Mayor. If you have time to make only one call – call your District Rep. You don’t have to say anything complicated – just respectfully convey that you want your Rep to support the resolution. If you want to get fancy, tell them why it’s important to YOU!



Occupy Greensboro Supports The Saving American Democracy Amendment; Seeks to Overturn Citizens United


February 19, 2012

Contact: press@occupygreensboro.org

On February 12, the General Assembly of Occupy Greensboro reached consensus on a proposal to endorse the Saving American Democracy Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, sponsored by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Senator Mark Begich of Alaska. Member signatures and addresses were collected for letters being sent to North Carolina’s Senators and Congressman representing local districts. On February 17, letters were mailed to Senators Kay Hagan and Richard Burr, and Congress members Howard Coble, Brad Miller and Mel Watt. A sample letter follows:

– – – – –

Dear Congress member,

On February 12, the people of Occupy Greensboro reached consensus in support of 112th CONGRESS, 1st Session, S. J. RES. 33, commonly known as The Saving American Democracy Amendment, which was sponsored by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Senator Mark Begich of Alaska. We support this effort to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision, to deny the existence of corporate personhood, and to fully enable legislative bodies to regulate campaign contributions. Clearly, this is not the end of the discussion on these issues, but passing this amendment would be an important visible step to remove the distorting and corrupting effects that corporate contributions have on both our electoral and legislative processes. We hope you will join us and place your support behind this initiative.

We support the efforts of those Members of Congress and Senators who truly work on behalf of the 99%. The members of Occupy Greensboro wish you a successful and productive session and thank you for your work representing the people of North Carolina.