Working Groups

While the OGSO General Assembly is the central decision-making body of the Occupy movement in our city, our Working Groups are where people can get together to learn about particular issues and develop action proposals around them. These proposals are then brought to the GA for discussion and consensus.

Below are brief descriptions of our current working groups. Please see the event calendar for the meeting times of these groups. The event announcements include contact information.

Art/Communication/Media Working Group

(Currently not meeting regularly)
The Art/Communications/Media Working Group is developing outreach materials for the public to inform and educate others about the exciting organizing work Occupy Greensboro is undertaking. We are charged with managing the official online communications channels including the main website, Facebook pages and groups, Twitter accounts and other social networking outlets. Our group will develop teach-ins and provide training to other working groups around media outreach, material creation, and online communication. Our meetings are open to anyone interested.

Energy Working Group

The energy working group is focused on learning about and planning actions related to the energy industry. This includes learning about alternative energy sources, looking at the environmental impact of corporate and personal energy use, and canvassing the local community to learn about peoples experience of and thoughts about energy and the environment. Please join us as we learn and act together about these far-reaching and complex issues!

You can connect with the Energy Working group below:

  • @ Meetup
  • @ Facebook
  • Foreclosure Working Group

    The Foreclosure Working Group is dedicated to supporting folks facing home foreclosure as well as developing broad based understanding and movement building around bank accountability. We will not sit idly by while “Banks Get Bailed Out and We Get Sold Out!” We are building coalitions with housing counselors, community organizations and public officials who understand that housing is a human right and that the current foreclosure crisis benefits no one in the communities we live in and serve. Weekly meetings are held every Thursday, 8:30 am at Spring Garden Bakery and are open to all. Check out our website at: