Tag: Art/Communications/Media Working Group

Art/Communications/Media Working Group: March 4, 2012

Facilitator: Dave
Notes: Jo

Present Audrey, Nathan, Mo, Dave, & Jo

Agenda Outline

  • Forums onto the website
  • Facebook administrators
  • Foreclosure event press release
  • General website update
  • How do we relate to other organizations or groups who connect to Occupy Greensboro through the website? How do we reply?
  • How do we respond to the “About Us” section on the Occupy Greensboro website? How can respond or define “us” as a group?

Facebook Administrators
We reached consensus today on reducing the number of administrators for Facebook. We deleted some people who were not active and reduced the number of administrators from 17 to 12. We wrote a description of the administrator duties as:

  • Post events
  • Remove people
  • Add new people
  • Removed unwanted comments

We also decided that if you want to become an administrator you need to come and meet with the media group. We have still not worked out the kinks of people being unable to post on Facebook. Next week: What are we asking of our online administrators across the board?

Press Advisory
Nathan presented the press release that was approved by the Foreclosure group that will be sent out to TV, print and Radio. It was also approved by the Media group.

General Website Update

  • Website training-see Dave
  • Website is updated to highlight Foreclosure Group
  • May Day needs to get info to website as soon as possible
  • Integrating a Ride Share on website so that people can post if they need a ride or can give a ride to an event.

Audrey felt that there needed to be a place on the website for general conversation like Occupy Raleigh has. Discussion was had that to make it feasible for a bulletin board type area on website people would need to invite at least 5 other people to join. Dave gave some examples of possible bulletin board type of areas for the website for social networking. He asked that next week we work on a proposal that could be presented to the GA about building a forum for interactive conversation that could be used for facilitating working groups, message boards, etc. What would be used? How would it work?

The question also came up about how to handle emails received through the website.

  • How do we answer these questions?
  • Can we and how do we build interactive hubs of OGSO working groups?
  • How does the Media group relate to other groups?
  • Can we have a stock answer to some of the basic questions that come in emails through the website?
  • Would direct questions from website be sent to the working groups and how would people feel about being contacted about their working group?
  • Listserv media discussion, how do you get the info to the right people and right working groups so that they are not getting wrong information?
  • How do you hold and build a natural hierarchy with Occupy and how to marry both concepts?
  • How to handle media with groups not represented. Media vs. group vs. individual.
  • Mo talked about making a movie with individuals from Occupy Greensboro telling what brought then to Occupy with photos and quotes to be put on website to tell our story. Tell also what we have accomplished.
  • What do we want to say to describe “us”. Possibly a list of proposed actions, past actions, we are the 99% logo or Occupy Together logos as descriptive.
  • How do we get to the large group and standardize our communications with contact with the outside world so media group has control? Question to GA, how would you like us to communicate with the outside world now? Next Sunday try to write a proposal and present to GA and have an open discussion.


  1. Talk about whether an interactive discussion site with structure is needed on website.
  2. Need to draft “about us” text for the website. How can we tell the public about us on the website in a way that respects our diversity and commitment to inclusion?
  3. Need to work on listserv and email management with other working groups.
  4. We made 12 people Facebook administrators.

Art/Communications/Media Working Group: February 26, 2012

Facilitator: Dave
Notes: Jim

Foreclosure Working Group press release for March 14 Carolina Theater event

  • Discussed details for promotion of Carolina Theater event.
  • General discussion of media relations and how to be effective in our interactions with external media.

OGSO Tumblr account

  • Christiana will bottom line managing the Tumblr account

Facebook pages & groups

  • There are still some Facebook pages and groups seemingly related to OGSO, but we are unable to locate current admins to give us access.
  • Jim will continue to work on reaching out to current admins of these pages & groups.

Interactions with external media

  • OGSO Media Group can serve as pass-through for external media (TV, newspaper, radio etc.) that want to interview OGSO.
  • Develop guidelines for contacts with media by OGSO members.
  • Have media training teach-in for individuals interested in speaking with media.

Updating website

  • Mo will work on adding a video to the “About” page to get some multimedia content up there that is a little different than standard about pages.
  • Dave will work on collecting information from Working Groups to offer a better information area than the current “Get Involved” page.
  • Dave will add some dropdown tabs under Meeting Notes to make it easier to find notes from specific Working Groups.
  • There will be a website management training session at GC&B on March 2 from 2pm-3:30pm.

Flyering Event

  • Plan flyering event to spread flyers throughout Greensboro
  • Design and print flyers to be ready by March 3.