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Energy Working Group upcoming events in February 2013

Sunday, Feb 3 at 1:30 pm we will record our radio drama with Brian at Glenwood. We need at least 8 individuals to read for the various characters. Pizza will be provided! see the invitation at

Tuesday, Feb 5 at 5:30 pm City Council meeting in downtown Greensboro.

Wednesday, Feb 6 Informational meeting on Duke Energy rate structures, long-term business plans and rate hike bills, at Glenwood Coffee and Books.

Sunday, Feb 10 at 2 pm is the Second Sunday Energy Movie Matinee at Glenwood. See the invitation at

Monday, Feb 11 in Raleigh a North Carolina Utilities Commission public hearing is being held on Duke and Progress energy’s 20 year business plan, which includes expansion of nuclear, coal, and gas production, rather than renewable resources, along with ongoing rate hikes to the public. We are planning to attend the meeting with other energy activists from NC to demand that our voices be heard. Please email if you’d like to travel with us. All are welcome!

Monday Feb 18 is a national climate convergence rally in Washington DC. Please stay on the look-out for further info on this event.

Dec 23 Energy Working Group meeting minutes

Radio Drama – set date for Sunday, Feb 3 at 12:30 at Glenwood. Need to check with Mo, invite contacts for casting voices, and ask Emiley for the script including sound effect sequences.

Discussion of trees being hacked by Duke in GSO. Action is being taken, but concern that it may not be lasting unless ordinance is set by city. FB group “Greensboro Respects Our Trees” for updates.

Discussion of billing dispute with Duke over deposit on change of address after house fire. If this is happening to one customer, it is most likely happening to other. Need to draw public attention to monopoly.

Next EWG mtg, Sunday Jan 6 at 2:00. EWG mtgs will now meet on first and third Sundays of each month.

Second Sunday Energy Movie Matinee Series continues, 2:30 pm at Glenwood in Jan and Feb.

Happy New Year from the energy working group!

General Assembly Novemeber 25, 2012 meeting minutes

12 people attending, no facilitator, notetaking and stack keeping- Kate

Report Backs:

Unemployment Group- meeting with the committee at the IRC to work on employment issues for convicted offenders to be rescheduled.

Walmart action on Black Friday- union/anti-union sentiment by protestors, crowds, local Fox news affiliate, at on Battleground Ave on November 23.

March in Solidarity with Gaza, last Monday, November 19, well attended, downtown, with Cakalak Thunder. A rally planned for Wednesday, Nov 21, was canceled due to the cease-fire announcement.

Also on Monday, November 19, gave a talk at Duke University on how individuals, groups, and institutions can reduce CO2,  use.


Saturday, Dec 1, statewide roundtable meeting on initiatives against Duke Energy across NC. Meeting will be 10-4 at Glenwood books, bring your own lunch, will be attended by, Greenpeace, NC Warn and others. all are welcome.

The OGSO Energy Working Group will be hosting a “Second Sunday Energy Movie Matinee Series” on the second Sundays in Dec, Jan and Feb at Glenwood Books from 2-3:30. for details.

On Tuesday mornings at Democracy Chat is hosted at Glenwood Books from 8:30-10:30 by Dave Reed. This week’s topic will be the Hostess Strike and closure.

On Tuesday, Nov 27, Barbara is planning a presentation on Citizens United at 7:00 at Hemphill Library.

On Dec 7, Glenwood Books is hosting a book reading and discussion from Spoma Jovanovic’s new book, “Democracy, Dialogue, and Community Action: Truth and Reconciliation in Greensboro,” 5-7 pm.

On Dec 8, Glenwood is having a book exchange/ bargain book sale in the afternoon.

A Buddhist Mediation will be hosted by John K at the new Greensboro Community Yoga center on Summit Ave from 6:30-7:30 on Sundays, beginning Dec 9. donations accepted.

***Regarding announcements/ info to be posted on the OGSO website, please send any calendar postings/ news/ contact info to***

Also, a question was raised about the OGSO listserve, how to use it to share announcements, and whether a link can be added to the website to broadcast posts??

Discussion topics:

Rolling Jubilee! We have copies of the Debt Resistors’ Operations Manual, a project of OWS, distributed by Al. These manuals contain information on the personal resistance, and the People’s Bailout. The discussion touched on the stigma associated with debt, and ideas and understandings of the movement were shared. Possible follow up by a Rolling Jubilee working group or fundraiser…

The NC legislative session and Republican supermajority. Resistance and organizing, how to use the peoples’ power in NC…

General Assembly notes Nov 4, 2012

Facilitator- Laurie

Stack- Nathan

Notes- Kate

total of 12 people in attendance

0 proposals

3 discussion topics-

-how to carry the process of Occupy GA into other areas of our lives (horizontal leadership discussion)

-Impact of Superstorm Sandy on the nation

-Economic globalization

Working Group report backs:

-Employment Working Group is exploring the possibility of developing a worker-owned cooperative of formerly convicted individuals who are looking for a job upon reintegration from prison. An interest meeting is scheduled with the Interactive Resource Center.

The Employment Group meets on Saturdays at 11:00 am at Glenwood Coffee and Books.

– The Foreclosure Working Group meets on Wednesday evenings at Glenwood Coffee and Books.

At 5:30 pm, the meeting with the technical team on mortgage fraud is held, and at 6:00 the meeting is opened for the entire working group. The group is recruiting volunteers for reviewing of foreclosure files.

A national day of action in Home Defense is being planned, with events to take place in Greensboro. Date tba

**If anyone has notes, events, pictures, meeting minutes, discussion topics, etc., to post to the website at, send an email to

Occupy Greensboro October 14, 2012 Birthday General Assembly Notes

Thanks to all who participated in the Anniversary Celebration GA, community potluck and legal defense fund benefit. Thank you especially to the musicians, to Glenwood Coffee and Books, and to Mark, Carol, and John who pulled the celebration together, tastefully!


Facilitator: John Kronodle

Stack: Mark Spritz

Notes: Emiley Joyce

Participants: 26

Greetings: Name and a brief description of why you joined occupy



-Rules and Hand signals


*Buttons for sale and or donation

*Citizens United teach in at Elon see Brian.

*Foreclosure meeting Thursday nights 5:3pm0 books store pizza, beer, or money for.

*Energy working group Movie matinee First sunday of the month starting november             through January from 2pm- 3:30pm at Glenwood Coffee and Books.

*Employmenting Meeting-11am saturday at Glenwood Coffee and Books

*After General Assembly Party


*Raising the city wide minimum wage. No vote taken, suggested working group.


*Supporting the robin hood tax

*Citizens United/ updates with city council

-Parking Lot

*Occupy in Spring

*Lower drinking

*Future Protest

* Direction of Occupy


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