Dec 23 Energy Working Group meeting minutes

Radio Drama – set date for Sunday, Feb 3 at 12:30 at Glenwood. Need to check with Mo, invite contacts for casting voices, and ask Emiley for the script including sound effect sequences.

Discussion of trees being hacked by Duke in GSO. Action is being taken, but concern that it may not be lasting unless ordinance is set by city. FB group “Greensboro Respects Our Trees” for updates.

Discussion of billing dispute with Duke over deposit on change of address after house fire. If this is happening to one customer, it is most likely happening to other. Need to draw public attention to monopoly.

Next EWG mtg, Sunday Jan 6 at 2:00. EWG mtgs will now meet on first and third Sundays of each month.

Second Sunday Energy Movie Matinee Series continues, 2:30 pm at Glenwood in Jan and Feb.

Happy New Year from the energy working group!