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Fight Fracking in North Carolina!

The North Carolina General Assembly may allow fracking in our state!

The North Carolina General Assembly may allow fracking in our state.

Legislation to allow fracking in North Carolina could pass very quickly during the short summer legislative session.

Please read and sign the petition opposing this dangerous and destructive practice!


Attend Frack-Free NC Lobby Day!

Please join Clean Water for NC on Tuesday, June 5, for Frack-Free NC Lobby Day (see flyer – .pdf) when we’ll fill the halls of the General Assembly and meet with legislators to let them know that there is NO reason to pass ANY legislation that would allow fracking in NC! A pre-lobby briefing will start at 10AM at Marbles Kid’s Museum in downtown Raleigh. Afterwards we’ll head to the General Assembly to talk with YOUR legislators! You’ll be on your way home no later than 2PM. CWFNC can offer some assistance with transportation costs please email for info.

If you want to carpool with others from Greensboro, please send an email to the Energy Working Group through the form below and we will connect those who are interested in riding to Raleigh together.

The Beloved Community Center is hosting a car-pool to Winston-Salem for Reynolds America protest

Please contact Wesley Morris if you are interested in joining us for this important action. Folks will be travelling to Winston-Salem on Thursday morning leaving from the Beloved Community Center.

Wesley Morris
Youth Coordinator and Community Organizer
Beloved Community Center
(336) 230-0001

May Day in Greensboro!

May Day 2012

May Day 2012

Come to the May Day rally in downtown Greensboro, today at 5pm.  There will be a play about May Day history, a potluck, a march, and a rally with speakers about the issues that connect all of us.  Our General Assembly this evening will be held in Governmental Plaza, following the rally.

What: May Day in Greensboro: An Injury to One is an Injury to All (March/Rally/Potluck)

When: Tuesday, May 1st, 5pm

Where: Governmental Plaza in Downtown Greensboro, West February 1 Place

Sponsoring Organizations include:  Farm Labor Organizing Committee, International Socialist Organization, NC Defend Education Coalition, Occupy Greensboro

Details: We are currently on the defensive; from attacks on workers’ rights, to the criminalization of people of color, to the persecution of undocumented immigrants, to draconian proposals such as Amendment One. They originate as part of the same system that seeks to divide and conquer, to oppress, disenfranchise, and abuse the working class. We say enough is enough, we need to unite our various movements and work together, in solidarity, to create a new, a better world.

  • Good jobs for ALL. // Buenos trabajos para TODOS.
  • Amnistia por TODOS inmigrantes. // Amnesty for ALL immigrants.
  • JUSTICE for Trayvon. // Justicia para Trayvon.
  • Educacion es un derecho. // Education is a RIGHT.
  • VOTE AGAINST Amendment 1. // Voten contra Enmienda Uno.
  • Terminen la guerra contra las mujeres. // END the war on women.

Una injusticia contra uno es una injusticia contr todos! Actualmente estamos a la defensiva, de los ataques a los derechos de los trabajadores, a la criminalización de las personas de color, a la persecución de los inmigrantes indocumentados, a las propuestas draconianas como la Enmienda Uno. Todos estos se originan en el marco del mismo sistema que busca dividir y conquistar, oprimir, marginalisar, y abusar de la clase obrera. Es tiempo que digamos que ya basta, tenemos que unir nuestros diversos movimientos y trabajar juntos, en solidaridad, para crear un mundo nueve, un mundo mejor.

Ven Habla, escucha, marcha, baila, come y celebra la solidaridad entre todos los pueblos!!

Come talk, listen, march, dance, eat, and celebrate the solidarity among all!

OGSO’s Occupy Foreclosure Working Group featured on the Rachel Maddow show

Last night Occupy Greensboro’s Foreclosure Working Group was featured along with Guilford County Registrar of Deeds Jeff Thigpen on MSNBC’s the Rachel Maddow Show. Guilford County is facing a crisis of fraudulent foreclosures and we are working to save people’s homes and our communities.

See the video below:

YouTube Preview Image

Solidarity statements from Occupy Greensboro and All of Us NC

Occupy Greensboro Statement of Solidarity with All of Us NC
This statement was consented to by the Occupy Greensboro General Assembly and communicated to All of Us NC on the occason of their organizer training session held in Greensboro.

Occupy Greensboro would like to welcome those of you from around the state to Greensboro and express our solidarity with All of US NC. We are inspired by the work you have done and are preparing to do in the coming months to defeat the Family Discrimination Amendment against LGBTQ families. Thank you for your activism! As you are building your relational organizing skills, we are marching and rallying for jobs and a new economy here in Greensboro. Many of our own Occupy Greensboro participants are attending your training, while other LGBTQ folks are attending the march. We believe that the work you are doing today is very much connected and is important to our organizing for economic justice and increased employment.

As the recent Declaration of the Occupation of DC pointed out, we “face different forms of oppression and [are] impacted by economic exploitation to differing degrees, but [we are] united by a shared vision of equality for the common good.” LGBTQ people are a part of the 99%, and to build a liberatory model of economic justice, we must challenge homophobia and transphobia. Like all oppressions they are interlocking and mutually reinforce each other. According to the Williams Institute, 27% of LGB respondents faced discrimination in their workplace over a five-year period. 38% of those LGB surveyed people who are out at work have feared for their jobs. According to the same study, the rate of harassment and discrimination for transgender people is even higher at 78%. We stand with you not only because LGBTQ members of the 99% are facing particular hardships, but also because we know our movement has much to learn from the histories of LGBTQ movement building, and from how many LGBTQ people build community, create chosen family and care for one-another in ways that challenge the isolation and
individualism that impact all of our lives.

To take from your coalition’s name, we must fight for all of us, for all of who we are, for all of our families. We know that so many families are under attack, including poor families, LGBTQ families, families of color and migrant families. In supporting each other, we build power to vote down this amendment and build an economy that promotes justice for us all. Thank you for the work you are doing today.

Solidarity Statement for Occupy Greensboro
This statement was communicated to Occupy Greensboro by All of Us NC during the OGSO Unemployed and Underemployed Workers March.

As All of Us North Carolina–an alliance of North Carolinians working to fight the Family Discrimination Amendment on the ballot this coming May–we are in fierce solidarity with you standing out in the cold today: the unemployed, underemployed, and underpaid. We recognize that the political is personal and that we will only succeed if we stand up for one another when any of us has our humanity questioned. The Family Discrimination Amendment would add a clause to the NC Constitution claiming that a union between 1 man and 1 woman is the only type recognized by the state. While it is a direct attack on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community, we know it is part of a pattern of attacks– all attempting to disenfranchise us. If NC legislators are so concerned about “protecting” families, why aren’t they doing more to create sustainable jobs to support us and the people we love?

We’re going to win this fight because we refuse to be divided and conquered. The mainstream media would have us believe that LGBTQ communities are being discriminated against by ‘those rural people’, ‘those blue collar workers, ‘those immigrant communities’, or ‘those Black churches’. We know better than all that, because we know each other. We know that there is no ‘those people’: we ARE lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning as truly as we are rural, working class, immigrant, Black, brown, indigenous, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and much much more. ‘Them’ is ‘us’ and we too demand the
right to fulfilling, well-paid work!

Thank you for coming out in May 2012 to vote against the family discrimination amendment and for staying in the struggle beyond the election to build a better North Carolina for all of us.

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