General Assembly: May 20, 2012

Ken K. – Facilitator
Dave R. – Notes
Nathan P. – Stack Keeper


Review Ground Rules and Hand Signals

Report Backs

  • Foreclosure Working Group: Weekly meetings are still Thursday morning at 8:30am. One of the active member’s home was scheduled to be auctioned. They went to the courthouse with other members and a video camera. One buyer was there and left when they realized they would be observed. We have researched whether or not filming can happen there and it appears that we may be able to.
  • March on the NC General Assembly will be May 29. See Barbara for more information. There may be a bus headed over there.


  • See Barbara or Paul to “check-out” a copy of the film “Koch Exposed.”
  • Baltimore Police Department was sued over their effort to block citizen filming of police activities in the public. The judge ruled against the Police Department.
  • Homeland Security was involved in work undermining the Occupy movement. These documents were brought out through a FOIA request and are online.
  • Anyone interested in faith-based issues in relation to Occupy organizing should see Thomas.

No proposals offered.

Discussion Topics

  • Use of narratives in the Occupy movement and outreach to faith communities. TABLED.

Energy Group presentation and proposal
We viewed a PowerPoint presentation about how the energy market functions and how the upcoming rate hike bill will be brought. It will likely not be public until the votes exist to pass it. Then it will be pushed through very quickly.

The EWG presented it’s proposal for a summer organizing campaign to raise opposition to the annual rate hike bill and develop new interest in sustainable energy. Discussion continued after the break.


May 22, 2012 General Assembly
Facilitator: Thomas
Note Taker:
Stack: Ed W.

May 27, 2012
Facilitator: Nathan P.
Note Taker:
Stack: Ken K.