General Assembly: February 21, 2012

Note: General Assembly started at 7:10 to give any stragglers from the City Council Meeting who wanted to come a chance to show up.

Facilitator: Thom
Stack: Donya
Notes: John K.

This was a very intimate group with a couple new faces, so we spent a little time before building the agenda with introductions and a brief word or two on why we were each drawn to OGSO/Occupy.


Ground Rules

  • Assume good intent of everyone;
    We don’t talk over each other;
    Try not to restate what others have said if you agree with it;
    If someone experiences oppressive language or behavior, please bring it up so we can deal with it then;
    Keeping a sense of humor;
    Step Up/Step Up;
    At this time Hand Signals were gone over in detail

Working Group Report Backs

  • Civil Liberties WG: Meets Thursdays at 5:30pm at Glenwood Coffee and Books but has experienced low attendance lately. All are welcome to attend, but it might be smart if you live far from Glenwood to call the bookstore before heading in.
  • May Day WG: Plans to meet at 11AM on Saturday at Glenwood Coffee and Books, this will be the first planning meeting for this action. Note: John K. learned post meeting that this event may be moved due to the number of folks who want to be in the WG who are also going to the Statewide GA.


  • Beloved Community Center is hosting a program realitng to the Militarization of the Police from 11am to 1pm on Saturday.
  • The ISO is hosting a program/conversation on LGBT Rights at 7:30pm March 1st in Graham Building on UNCG’s Campus.

There were no proposals tonight.

Discussion Topics

  • The protests at the ’68 DNC and lessons from that event that we can draw on as we begin to think about the 2012 DNC.
  • Social Currency/Gift Culture
  • Tuesday Meeting time, what works about it, what doesn’t

Reflection Time