Energy Working Group upcoming events

A few things coming up soon-

Second Sunday Energy Movie Matinee: every second Sunday, from December through February, from 2-3:30 we will be showing films/ documentaries related to the energy crisis in the US, followed by discussion. Free event, all are welcome. If you know of a film, worth recommending, please send me the title. This Sunday, December 9 the movie is “Burning the Future: Coal in America”

Last weekend a statewide roundtable meeting was held in Greensboro to create action plans to put pressure on the NCUC and lawmakers to protect the people and the environment of NC over profit for Duke, the largest utility corporation in the US, second largest in the world. The next roundtable meeting will be held sometime in January, in the WNC (Asheville) area. Send an email If you’re interested in joining the listserve or attending.

-Canvassing/ community outreach on the Duke/ Progress rate hikes and scheduled IRP hearing: This hearing is when Duke will submit its long-term plan to the NC Utilities Council to continue its production of dirty energy, with coal, nuclear and gas being the dominant resources, and increasing rates to consumers yearly. If you’d like more information about these proposals and projections, please visit the websites and We need volunteers to help collect signatures and comments for the petitions to be shared at the hearing, before Feb 11. Please contact the EWG if you can help collect signatures by knocking on doors, or bringing petitions to local events, such as community markets, potlucks, parties, educational/ outreach events and the like. Also, there on online petitions at the sites linked above.

The EWG is scheduling a time to record our long-awaited Radio Drama in early January. We need voices! We are looking for dates that people are available, so we can do the reading all in one take. If you are interested, please let us know of any weekend dates that you could reserve in the first of the new year.
-Our next regular energy working group meeting will be December 12 at 7pm at Glenwood coffee and books. We would love to see you there!
Contact the EWG at