Art/Communications/Media Working Group: February 26, 2012

Facilitator: Dave
Notes: Jim

Foreclosure Working Group press release for March 14 Carolina Theater event

  • Discussed details for promotion of Carolina Theater event.
  • General discussion of media relations and how to be effective in our interactions with external media.

OGSO Tumblr account

  • Christiana will bottom line managing the Tumblr account

Facebook pages & groups

  • There are still some Facebook pages and groups seemingly related to OGSO, but we are unable to locate current admins to give us access.
  • Jim will continue to work on reaching out to current admins of these pages & groups.

Interactions with external media

  • OGSO Media Group can serve as pass-through for external media (TV, newspaper, radio etc.) that want to interview OGSO.
  • Develop guidelines for contacts with media by OGSO members.
  • Have media training teach-in for individuals interested in speaking with media.

Updating website

  • Mo will work on adding a video to the “About” page to get some multimedia content up there that is a little different than standard about pages.
  • Dave will work on collecting information from Working Groups to offer a better information area than the current “Get Involved” page.
  • Dave will add some dropdown tabs under Meeting Notes to make it easier to find notes from specific Working Groups.
  • There will be a website management training session at GC&B on March 2 from 2pm-3:30pm.

Flyering Event

  • Plan flyering event to spread flyers throughout Greensboro
  • Design and print flyers to be ready by March 3.