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April 10, 2012 at 1:12 am #2140


With the recent attacks on women, whether it be personhood amendments, attacks on Roe V. Wade, or the general bullshit Patriarchy apparent in the system in which we live, I feel that, as men, we need to take a proactive role in aiding our sisters’ liberation. We fight daily for issues that directly address our needs, and feel that we must, in order to truly root discrimination and misogyny out of our connections as activists, take a serious and introspective look at our interactions with with women, whether they be cis, trans, queer, etc.

The general theme of the group would be:

  • First and foremost discussion centered around debunking and destroying patriarchy, misandry, and masculinism in our daily interactions and society.
  • Exploring our roles within the feminist movement.
  • Talk of recent political issues and actions that we can take to help further our sisters’ causes and to stand in solidarity with their own ideas.
  • Talk of rape, rape culture, rape prevention, raunch culture, and pornography.
  • Discussion of Male rape.
  • Discussions of intersectionality without losing track of our sisters’ struggles.

These are just some broad ideas this group could potentially tackle. I would propose the group be called “Male Feminist Solidarity.”

Any and all input is greatly appreciated!

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