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June 6, 2012 at 2:50 am #2490


Hey gang,

As most of us (all of us?) know, two of our own were arrested during a home defense in Raleigh. They both face similar challenges navigating the court system, paramount among these are legal fees. Rather than dip into the people’s bank why not follow the example of other actions and help raise funds for our sister and brother through the model of a benefit?

I personally see this as a combination of local bands with their own audience base as well as an open mic keeping to the spirit of OGSO. I also know that there are people far smarter than me on my own in this movement.

So I’m looking to start a timely, one-off (unless it works real well and we want to use the model in the event of other legal issues for our brothers and sisters), Working Group. I have personally spoken with Julia Kimmel and have heard from Al that Ed Whitfield is on board to help plan.

I’m proposing an initial meeting of 1 hour (location TBD) at 1pm on Saturday. However if you cannot make this meeting please contribute your thoughts and ideas here so that they can help inform the group that plans this event.

Love you all,

John K

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