F4DC’s 2009 990-PF form

For an organization that talks a lot about transparency, it’s been a while since we’ve updated the financial information on our website. F4DC’s been through a big transition in the last year. We’ve moved from being a staffed organization with an office to an all-volunteer organization working out of our homes and coffee shops. It’s taken some time, but we are officially caught up!

You can now download our 2009 990-PF form for review. The 990-PF is kind of like a foundation’s tax return. It’s the official report we make to the US Treasury every year, in which we talk about how much money we have and what we did with it. All non-profits file a 990, and foundations (a special kind of non-profit) file the 990-PF. If you ever want to check out a non-profit’s funding sources and expenditures, ask to see their most recent 990’s (or 990-PF’s).

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