About the Southern Grassroots Economies Project

The Southern Grassroots Economies Project is building networks across the US South to promote and launch sustainable cooperative economies.

Values & Principles of Cooperation

Learn more about the values and principles we hold and look toward as we develop new economic structures in the US South.

CoopEcon 2014: Building Democratic Ownership in the US South

Florida CoopEcon 2015

CoopEcon Florida is an opportunity for social justice community leaders and those interested in growing cooperative businesses and economies in Florida to gather, learn more about cooperatives and network with people wanting worker justice and a new economy across the state.

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Why SGEP & CoopEcon are Important

The Southern Grassroots Economies Project is one of the few places in America where a truly community-based new economy movement lives. In the U.S., right now, the South is where people are developing the solutions we need to save our communities. Supporting SGEP and the CoopEcon institute is the way to build a just, community-based economy for everyone.

Brendan Martin Founder & President, The Working World

CoopEcon is an intensive weekend-long networking and training opportunity for southerners who are ready to build cooperative economic enterprises. This work will grow new economies based on democratic ownership and democratic governance in previously marginalized communities across the South.

Ed Whitfield Co-Managing Director, Fund for Democratic Communities

SGEP Partners