Travel matching grants available for the People’s Climate March

The Fund for Democratic Communities (F4DC) is offering matching grants for North Carolina based groups organizing to attend the People’s Climate March in Washington DC on April 29th.

F4DC will make matching grants up to $750 to be used for travel expenses. We will match donations of $100 or less. If you are interested, please contact Mildred Powell at

F4DC offers travel grants to North Carolina groups for the Peoples Climate March

Matching Grants now available

The Fund for Democratic Communities announces the availability of matching grants to encourage grassroots groups to build their capacity for self-support. Approved groups and projects will receive dollar-for-dollar matching funds for money raised through grassroots efforts. Funds raised from foundation and government sources are not eligible for matching.

This program is intended to spark sustainable economic development of community groups and nonprofits by promoting fundraising efforts from the ground up instead of traditional top-down, foundation-centric efforts. By engaging the very communities a group comes from to help fund their efforts, social change groups can build stronger public involvement in their projects and programs. We believe greater public involvement translates into greater community organization, action and, ultimately, a truly democratic society.

Key program points:

  • Grants may only be made to registered nonprofits or groups with a registered nonprofit acting as a fiscal sponsor;
  • Funds eligible for matching grants must be raised through grassroots efforts. Funds raised through foundations or government sources are NOT eligible;
  • The matching funds must be used to for projects that align with the mission of F4DC. As part of that, democratic practice must be a key part of the applicant group’s underlying structure or program goals;
  • Priority is given to projects focused on increasing the community’s capacity to speak and act for itself. Service projects are NOT a funding priority;
  • Smaller, less established groups and nonprofits are a funding priority for us.

For more information and to download the information packet and application form, visit