Mortgage Fraud Detection



Right here in GUILFORD COUNTY, our Registrar od Deeds discovered over 4,500 ROBO-SIGNED mortgage documents!

This wide-spread fraud is putting people out of their homes during the worst economic crisis in decades.
Do you want to fight back against the greedy banks? Do you secretly dream of being a crime- fighter? Are you obsessed with TV crime shows?

Join us and became a FRAUD DETECTIVE!

You’ll learn how the foreclosure case files can be accessed, how to locate and record specific kinds of information from each file and how we compile this data to document the different types of fraud showing up in Guilford County mortgage and foreclosure records.

We’ll use this documentation to present clear evidence to the media, Banking Commission, and other entities charged with bringing the perpetrators of this massive fraud to justice! Contact us here.

This project is just getting started and there is a lot of interest here and around the country. We were recently featured on the Rachel Maddow Show for this work and we are slowly contacting everyone who emailed us. As soon as we have more information about how other people in other counties and states can go about examining the public records to uncover the fraudulent practices putting people out of their homes, we will share it with you on this site.

In the meantime, please get in touch with your local Occupy group. Here is the Rachel Maddow Show segment from Friday, March 23, 2012.

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