Reparations: How are We Doing it?

At the CommonBound 2016 Conference in July, I had the honor of working with Aisha Shillingsford of Intelligent Mischief on a strategy session about reparations. We had about 80 people attend and participate in a very interactive session that Aisha and I facilitated. This is the result from that session that Aisha has put together. It includes some of the materials that we shared as well as the design process that was used. As you will see, the group was divided into smaller groups that were highly engaged in proposing what became a long list of concrete steps in multi-faceted reparations activities.

We are not content with continuing to make the case for reparations nor sitting and waiting on the federal government to listen to reason and take seriously our needs and demands. While the struggle for federal acknowledgement and action should continue, we were able to talk about what we can do now, and why we need to do it. The session made use of facilitation and design processes that were helpful in drawing from the energy, knowledge and passion of the assembled group. While, this is not a final statement on reparations, I hope that it will spark further thinking and discussion as we continue to build power and work for what is needed.

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One thought on “Reparations: How are We Doing it?

  1. This article is a must read for all those who want to understand the nature of wealth in a capitalist society. It is the accumulated “unpaid” labor of the working class. But it is the legal private property of the capitalist class. At the same time that the wealth of the capitalist is held in money or non-human production establishments, or land, etc (tangible instruments of solidifying the results of human labor), there is an opposite companion which is accumulated by the working class. That other side of capital wealth is all the dead bodies of all the workers whose lives are solidified in capital wealth. Wealth is really a Gang of 2 phenomenon….the synthesis of two opposite elements…whenever you observe one, the other is lurking in the background, generally obscured or hidden from sight, or ostracized. We generally know it as poverty.
    This article rightly relates this dual phenomenon to the earth itself. It is from mother earth we originated and it is back to her bosom we return, in a never ending sequence of cycles of reproduction. We simulate the very process of the earth in its continuing reproduction activities. The capitalists usurp its fruits….we the workers yield up our bodies and souls and aspirations.
    Read Ed’s gems and be more informed about the underlying principles of exploitation to which we are the victims.

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